I was born in 1973 in a littel town called Hurup. It´s placed in the area of Thy (after 19-06-00 EU-171 Vensyssel-Thy or Nordjylland Island)

In 1986 I become member of the local EDR club in Hurup (OZ5THY). I was very interest in electronic and how it works. Later I got my first licens. It was in the year of 1990.

Few years later we started Thylands Contest Group (OZ1THY). We were active in every VHF contest. Started with simpel equipment, later we got something better.

In 1994 I learn the CW and got the licens for HF. At that time I did´t have a QTH with room for antennas, so I was active from the local club.

Later in 1994 I finnished my first education as Dairyman.

In 1996 I finnished my second education as Dairy Tecnologist.

At that time there still was no QTH with room for antennas. So I started working from my car and placed vertical GP´s at diffrent places. I quick found out that GP´s working very well on beaches near saltwater.

In 1998 Danish Island Award started and very quick I was activating all the Islands in my area. Later I traveled across the contry activating Islands.

2000 was the yaer, I got my first house. And today I have antenna farm with a 15m hiegt tower.

The year of 2003 I started activate LH. The interest and pile-up is nearly about DIA activating.


Vy 73 de OZ7AEI / Jakob 3th. May 2004

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